Prepared Vegetables by Snijpunt

Prepared cut vegetables

Producing fresh prepared cut vegetables for salad producers, meat processors, ready meal manufacturers, and foodservice suppliers.
That is our core business. We are Snijpunt.

Why choose prepared cut vegetables from Holland?

Large global network

Because we have a large global network, we are very well informed about the availability and quality of our products. The close cooperation and good agreements with our growers ensure that we can offer a working method that not only distinguishes on costs, but also offers a fresher quality. Two major advantages for you, our customer.

Flexibility in scale

Due to a-b deliveries and short lines, we are also flexible in processing larger volumes. The grower delivers products optimal for our cutting process, which makes the pricing interesting as well. This applies to almost our entire range.

Fresh production daily

As part of Harvest House, we have short lines in communication with salad growers. By working directly with a grower, we have year-round availability and can produce fresh produce daily.

Reliable transport

With our transport partner Daily Fresh Logistics (DLG), we are able to deliver products to most addresses in the UK within half a day at the required temperature conditions. Together with DLG, we also take care of the customs formalities which apply to you after the Brexit. DLG understands our business in prepared vegetables and controls this chain perfectly.

Our promises

These are our promises. You can count on us to keep them. Always!

Fresh production, six days a week

Fresh vegetables are delivered daily from the nurseries to our processing plant in De Lier. Which is in a custom-made building with various facilities that support food safety, freshness, and quality. After the usual quality checks, the vegetables are processed as quickly as possible and according to our customers’ wishes. And that means six days a week.

Always proactive in food safety

We were one of the first BRC certified companies in the Netherlands and have always been proactive in food safety. This seems self-evident in our industry, but unfortunately it is not always the case. For us, an extra reason to do our utmost. And not only to earn a BRC certification, but also to constantly deepen our knowledge on this subject and strive for innovation.

Our customers’ needs are always key

The needs of our customers are always the focus, from the first meeting till after delivering the products. We try to really get to know our customers. Of course, you can expect us to respond quickly and do our utmost to deliver what you need, when you need it. But we do not stop there. We like to go a step further. By not only being your supplier but also your sparring partner, we can establish the best possible cooperation.

Best options

To always be able to offer our customers the best option, we keep up to date on the latest developments in the field of assortment, availability, and technology.

We have most of our experience in the field of bell peppers. But you can also count us in for questions on other vegetables and in the field of cutting and processing techniques. If we do not know it ourselves, we have enough expertise around us to be able to help you quickly.

About Snijpunt

Producing fresh prepared cut vegetables for salad producers, meat processors, ready meal manufacturers, and food service suppliers. That is our core business. We are Snijpunt. A Dutch company founded in 1998, and the authority on fresh prepared cut vegetables.

Every day, we supply our customers with a tailor-made range of fresh vegetables for further processing. For them we are both supplier and partner. Product quality comes first. But we also like to serve as a knowledge centre, where our customers can benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience.

Quality, flexibility, and reliability are key in our business. This is reflected in our core values and our promises. The foundation from which we draw our motivation to provide the best products and services.

As a part of Harvest House, we work together with one of the largest glasshouses produce cooperatives in Europe, with salad growers in The Netherlands, Tunisia, Morocco, and Portugal.

We are happy to deliver your tailor-made prepared cut vegetables as well. And, if necessary, to answer any questions about vegetables or slicing options. Together we can work towards the best-fit solution to your questions.