Prepared Vegetables by Snijpunt

Bell pepper for the canning industry and sauce manufacturers

Prepared bell peppers
Prepared bell peppers

From week 30 to 45, we also process vegetables for the canning industry and sauce manufacturers. We cut bell peppers into quarters, so they can be preserved in pickles or oil, for example. Or we cut bell peppers into chunks, which are then processed by sauce manufacturers into, for example, pasta sauces.
Vegetables for companies in these industries are processed in large batches. From 10,000 to 20,000 kilos or even batches up to 200,000 kilos! To also process these large orders quickly next to our normal production lines, and not to impair the freshness of the products, we work in two shifts during this special period.

Interesting pricing because of direct lines

We can supply these industries because there are weeks in this time of year when the amount of available bell peppers is higher. The challenge is to quickly contact our customers when the price level is interesting to get these orders to fit into their production batches. This requires optimal flexibility from both parties. The acreage of bell peppers within the Harvest House growers’ association has expanded greatly in recent years. The large supply and the direct lines with these growers make our products also very interesting from a price point of view for the canning industry and sauce manufacturers.

We mainly process red and yellow peppers for these orders, but due to the growing acreage of orange peppers, this variety is also used more often.

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