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Cored Bell Pepper 

A cored bell pepper is a bell pepper that has its stem, core, and seeds removed completely. They are removed without cutting the bell pepper in half or pieces. You can fill cored bell pepper directly with, for example, minced meat, vegetables, or rice. This makes them extremely suitable for meat processors, meal producers, catering, and foodservice suppliers.

Bell pepper cored

Halved and cored

In addition to whole cored bell peppers, we can also supply halved cored bell peppers. For presentation reasons, we can deliver them with or without a stem. Just like the whole cored bell pepper, this type is often used for filling. We select peppers that have a curved shape for this product to prevent them from being damaged during processing.

Whole and halved filled bell peppers can be prepared in various ways. For example, on the BBQ or in the oven.

Machine filling

Thanks to our unique processing method, the filling quantity of the bell pepper can be determined to within 10 grams. It makes machine-filling with rice, vegetables, or meat possible in an efficient way. This way we make further processing as easy as possible for our customers.

Different sizes

We have cored and halved peppers available in different sizes and weights. This allows our customers to produce them in consumer packaging suitable for a starter, main or side dish.

Fresh from the grower

As part of Harvest House, we have short lines of communication with salad growers. By working directly with a grower, we have year-round availability and can produce fresh products daily.

More information about Bell Peppers?

If you have any other wishes or ideas about prepared bell peppers, we are happy to think along with you.

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