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Diced bell pepper chips and diced onion chips

Bell pepper cubes of 30x30mm, are more and more often mechanically put together with meat on skewers or brochettes. As machines can only work with perfect cubes, a relatively increasing percentage of cubes or chips does not pass the selection. This waste product arises for example due to the natural curves of bell peppers and onions.

Bell pepper and onion cubes that cannot be processed mechanically are ideal for vegetable cutting companies and meal manufacturers where the product will be heated or processed in a wet salad or sauce for example. The green pepper cubes can still be processed as fresh, due to the slightly longer shelf life. The red chips can only be processed fresh if a maximum ‘best before’ of 5 days is sufficient.

There are both fine and coarse chips available. Fine chips are ideal for processing in sauces. All varieties are available year-round with large volumes between week 12 and 35.

With these chips you not only have a fresh product for the lowest price, but you also help to reduce food waste!

More information about Bell Peppers and Onions?

If you have any other wishes or ideas about prepared bell peppers or prepared onions, we are happy to think along with you.

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Diced bell pepper
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