Prepared Vegetables by Snijpunt

Improve Your Production Process with customised prepared vegetables

Freshly produced and prepared vegetables Many companies face major labour challenges nowadays. Rising wages and the availability of seasonal workers may also be hampering your daily operations and growth strategy. There is nothing we can do about the shortage in the labour market. However, we can ensure that your production continues by supplying customised semi-finished vegetables. As a specialist in producing and delivering these freshly cut products, we can save you a lot of time. By ordering semi-finished products according to your wishes, your production process will be much more efficient. This will also reduce the pressure on labour. It is even a structural solution because our products are available all year round. This allows you to fully focus on your final process and your speciality.

Flexible in volumes of prepared and unprepared vegetables

We can supply our main product, bell pepper, either prepared or unprepared. We are flexible in terms of volume, also in relation to contractual agreements. You can change your volume of prepared products every week and convert it to unprepared if this flexibility is required for your forecasts. We can offer this flexibility thanks to our cooperation with our sister company Rainbow International, as part of Harvest House.

Besides bell pepper, we can supply a wide range of pre-cut vegetables that are ready for further processing. Some examples are onion, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet potato.

Experience a unique shelf-life

Our products are delivered directly from the grower. This allows you to work with daily fresh production and experience a unique shelf life. As part of the Harvest House growers association mentioned above, we have short lines of communication with growers. And the availability of a total area of more than 1,000 hectares. Would you like to experience this unique shelf life for yourself? We would be happy to arrange a sample delivery. Are you interested in our products? Do you have any questions? Please contact Mark van der Salm via +31 (0)174 637 903 or email to