Prepared Vegetables by Snijpunt

Innovative crate washer and washing water

At Snijpunt, we are constantly exploring new ways of going even further in terms of food hygiene, food safety, product quality, efficiency and shelf life. We want to keep improving. Thinking that one step ahead. Thinking about the continuously changing, strict requirements that our customers also have to comply with. And have to anticipate.

Our innovative crate washer
Our innovative crate washer

This is also the reason why we are using a new crate washer in our production area, which was renovated in 2020. All crates and boxes we use for our prepared vegetables are washed and disinfected immediately after use. Each emptied crate is transported to the washer via a conveyor belt. In the washing section, the crate is washed and disinfected. After that, it will be transported back to the production lines to be filled with fresh products again.

See our crate washer in action:

Thanks to this way of working, we minimize the chance of contamination of crates and boxes, and thus of our products. This gives extra assurance in favor of food hygiene. And efficiency advantages in the production area.

Washing water

Talking about water, we have also taken a close look at the quality of the washing water in our production lines. In the former situation, the water was refreshed several times a day. A costly and not very sustainable method.

Thanks to a new technique, this is no longer necessary. Our washing water retains the same constant low microbiological values throughout the production process. This development also ensures even better guarantee of food hygiene. In addition, it also saves many litres of water per day.

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