Prepared Vegetables by Snijpunt

Prepared Bell Pepper, our first and largest product

Our company was founded in 1998 from a bell pepper nursery. Bell pepper is the product in which we have gained our experience. A specialism with which we acquired our current position in the market. It is still our biggest product. During the peak season, we process 100,000 kilos of bell peppers per week into semi-finished products. Besides that, we also process 35,000 kilos of other vegetables per week.

Prepared Yellow Bell Pepper
Prepared Yellow Bell Pepper

We can process these large volumes thanks to our automated modern production lines and our short lines of communication with growers. We use various cutting and processing methods to meet the requirements of our customers.

Fully automatically

We process bell peppers fully automatically into small and large blocks for meat processors and food service companies, for example. We make a distinction here between blocks for manual insertion or mechanical insertion. The blocks are produced tailor-made according to the requirements of the stacking machines of our customers.

Besides that, we also have automated production lines for cutting peppers into strips, quarters, or blocks. And to decapitate or halve and then deseed. We can even core whole bell peppers. All fully automated and without compromising the shelf life and food hygiene of the product.


As we can switch between different bell pepper lines, we are flexible in last-minute orders. With our bell pepper machines, we are also able to run large batches, for example for customers who are active in canning or freezing.

We have short lines of communication with bell pepper growers because we are part of Harvest House, an association of fruiting vegetable growers. These short lines contribute to the freshness and quality guarantee of the products.

Network, knowledge and experience

In addition to meat processors and foodservice companies, we supply prepared vegetables to Northern European vegetable cutting companies, salad producers and meal manufacturers. We are proud of our network, experience, and knowledge of bell peppers. This allows us to optimally advise our customers on the product, quality and availability that suits our customers’ cutting and processing methods.

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