Prepared Vegetables by Snijpunt

Prepared Vegetables for fingerfood

Fingerfood from prepared vegetables
Fingerfood from prepared vegetables

We have a new product in our range: snack vegetables that are cut into handy sticks. These freshly cut vegetable sticks are suitable for dip bowls and appetiser dishes. A delicious healthy snack serving as finger food. Processing fresh vegetables into vegetable sticks is a labour-intensive process that we are happy to take off your hands. With our new machine, we produce vegetable sticks from bell pepper, zucchini, celery, carrot, cucumber, turnip and rettich. In Belgium, cauliflower is often served on aperitif dishes. We also supply cauliflower florets without stems especially for this purpose.

Various sizes

The vegetable sticks are processed mechanically and are available in various sizes. As standard, the vegetable sticks are produced in a thickness of 10×10 mm and a length of 8 or 10 cm. Of course, other sizes are also possible on request. As with our other products, we are flexible in the dimensions of this new product and are happy to think along with the wishes of our customers.

Directly from the grower

We buy the fresh vegetables for processing into vegetable sticks directly from the grower. We process them in our modern, innovative production hall. The grower supplies the products optimally for our cutting process, which also makes for interesting pricing.

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