Prepared Vegetables by Snijpunt

Prepared Vegetables For Meat Processors

Prepared Vegetables for meat processors

As a specialist in fresh prepared vegetables, we process 100,000 kilos of peppers and 35,000 kilos of other fresh vegetables into semi-finished products every week. We supply an increasing share of these to meat processing companies.
This is entirely in line with the trends we see in the meat industry. Consumers increasingly demand fresh and healthy products.
Meat processing companies are responding to this, which increases the demand for freshly cut vegetables, to be combined directly with meat. We supply, for instance, bell peppers or onions in large and small cubes, cored bell peppers, which can be filled with meat, and tomato or onion paste to mix through the meat.

Dices for the grilling season

We already have 10 years of experience in supplying diced bell pepper and onions, size 30x30mm, in north-western Europe. We supply two types of dices: those suitable for stacking by hand and those for stacking by machine.

With machine production, our focus is on the uniformity of the product. This makes the product suitable for skewers. The dices are produced in a customized way based on the requirements of the skewer machine to avoid loss of efficiency.

We also produce dices in size 10x10mm or 5x5mm which are used as ingredients for meat products, for instance.

Residual flows as chips or purees through meat

Since most vegetables have curved shapes, there is always residual product when cutting dices. This offers new opportunities in return. These residual products are sold as chips, for example, to be mixed with meat or sauces.

Within Harvest House, a tomato base, among other things, is produced from tomato residue streams. We have now also started tests to develop a bell pepper base that will also be preserved from residual flows. Together with our onion base, we have a nice mix of ingredients for hybrid meat. Several customers are already making use of this possibility.

Fresh from the grower

As part of Harvest House, we have short lines in communication with salad growers. By working directly with a grower, we have year-round availability and can produce fresh produce daily.

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