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Prepared Sweet Potato

Prepared Sweet Potatoes
Peeled sweet potato
Contrary to what the name suggests, sweet potato is only distantly related to the normal potato. Where the regular potato is often seen as a meal carrier, the sweet potato is an official vegetable. This product is currently on the rise in Europe in particular. The fact that this vegetable does not contain any starch or gluten, but does have a high nutritional value, means that the demand is rapidly increasing.

Sweet potato, peeled

Peeled sweet potato

Peeled sweet potatoes. Ready for further processing into slices, dices, or strips. This way they are ready to use for the convenience of vegetable processing businesses, salad producers and food-service suppliers that use fresh products.

To save labor costs and ensure you year-round quality, we offer peeled sweet potatoes in 15 kg boxes, so you can use the product directly for your production process.

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