Prepared Vegetables by Snijpunt

Quality Entry Control of all batches

Quality Entry Control of every batch
Quality Entry Control of every batch

We work with fresh products every day. As a vegetable processing company we are part of the food industry. Therefore, food safety and quality are extremely important. For us, this starts with cultivation and continues all the way through to transportation to the customer. Working with selected growers and having our own machinery and processing facilities, enables us to process fresh vegetables six days a week. These vegetables are delivered daily, directly from the growers to our processing plant in De Lier.

Sample Checks

To monitor the quality of our products, each batch is submitted to a sample check on arrival. Before the vegetables are stored, they are checked by our quality control department. Attention is paid to visual quality, size, freshness, and temperature. Any deviations are excluded from the production process so they do not end up in our final product.

In the rush season, we process 200,000 kilos of vegetables per week. Fully automated and without compromising on freshness and quality of the product. Inspections at the start of the process are important to guarantee the quality throughout the process.

Checks on location

Our quality control department also regularly carries out additional audits at the growers’ location. Prior to the delivery to us, specific checks are done on company hygiene and management of residue standards.

After the usual entrance checks, the products are processed as quickly as possible and custom to the wishes of our customers. Sample analyses are carried out throughout the complete production process. The results of these analyses are documented and made accessible to all involved. This transparency ensures that our customers can count on a reliable quality and shelf life of all our products.


To emphasize and demonstrate the importance of food safety, quality, and traceability, we ourselves are AA-grade BRC certified, and our suppliers are all at least Global-GAP certified.

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