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Peeled Sweet Potatoes Year-Round Available

Contrary to the name, sweet potato is not related to an ordinary potato. Officially it is a vegetable and therefore fits perfectly in our range. Sweet potatoes contain no starch or gluten like regular potatoes. They are widely used in low-carb and gluten-free dishes. In America, this vegetable is best known as Yam, a much-seen side dish during Thanksgiving Day.
Peeled sweet potato

Added value and potential

The use of sweet potato is increasing. The growth of sales is clearly visible. Not surprising when you consider sweet potatoes have a cholesterol-lowering effect, contain little fat, and are packed with vitamin A and C.
We believe in the added value and commercial potential of this product and have therefore added it to our range.

Fried, puffed, fried, stewed, out of the oven or ‘just’ raw in a salad. You see sweet potatoes more and more. Chef Jamie Oliver also likes to work with this special vegetable and gives many inspiring recipes on his website.

Uniform round potatoes with deep orange flesh

We produce peeled sweet potatoes ourselves. The peeled sweet potato is delivered in consistent quality. This makes them easier to process in your production and gives flexibility in your orders. And, by working together with our sister company Rainbow International, we can now deliver peeled sweet potato year-round.


They import large quantities of sweet potato from North Carolina in the United States all year. These potatoes come in mixed, in large and small sizes. It is the Covington variety, which is characterized by uniform round fruits and deep orange flesh. As customers of Rainbow are mainly interested in the smaller sweet potatoes for retail, and at Snijpunt we are looking for the larger sizes, the ideal match in terms of purchasing is made! You can come to us year-round for peeled sweet potatoes of consistent quality. 

To save you valuable time and effort, we offer these peeled sweet potatoes per 15 kg in EPS packaging.

More information about Sweet Potatoes?

If you have any other wishes or ideas about prepared sweet potatoes, we are happy to think along with you.

Are you interested in peeled sweet potatoes, do you need an offer, or do you have any questions? Please contact Mark van der Salm via +31 (0)174 637 903 or email to