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Time for pumpkin, sweet potato, and celeriac

It is starting to get time to turn our attention to autumn. The time of year for three truly seasonal products: pumpkin, sweet potato, and celeriac. Special vegetables that are a good match with one another, and with us when it comes to processing. They are all challenging to process, require a lot of preparation and result in a very labour-intensive process. We are happy to take this work off your hands; quickly, professionally and with a guarantee on quality and shelf life.


Pumpkin, sweet potato and celeriac are a good match
Pumpkin, sweet potato and celeriac are a good match

A true seasonal product is the pumpkin. We have both the butternut squash and the Hokkaido pumpkin in our range. Peeling, cleaning, and cutting both types into smaller pieces is a very labour-intensive process.

As the skin of the Hokkaido pumpkin is soft and edible, it is only peeled on your request. Then it is stripped of its top and bottom, halved and deseeded. Cleaned and halved, it is ready for use by vegetable processors, soup manufacturers and food suppliers who use fresh products.

Butternut squash can also be peeled, halved, and even cubed for you.

Sweet potato (year-round available)

We supply sweet potatoes peeled in bulk, ready for further processing into cubes or strips. Especially suitable for use by vegetable processors, salad producers and food service companies using fresh produce.

Peeled sweet potatoes are delivered in constant quality and are easy to work with, in your process. By working together with our sister company Rainbow International, we can supply the peeled sweet potato all year round.

Would you rather receive the sweet potato directly in cubes? That is also possible of course! Please contact us about the possibilities.


Celeriac is a special vegetable that, as far as we are concerned, absolutely belongs in our range. The hard celeriac is difficult to cut. A time-consuming job for our customers. Therefore, reason enough for us to offer a processed version.

Celeriac is added to our regular range from August to April. The product is available peeled and cubed, ready for final processing.

To save you valuable time and effort, we offer these peeled sweet potatoes per 15 kg in EPS packaging.

Direct lines, fresh product

We buy our seasonal products directly from the grower and then process them in our modern, innovative production hall into the desired final product. The growers deliver the products optimised for our cutting process. This makes the pricing interesting too. Thanks to a-b deliveries and short lines, we are flexible in processing larger volumes.

In a nutshell

In addition to our normal range, you can also contact us for the three typical seasonal products: celeriac, pumpkin, and sweet potato.

We offer celeriac peeled and cubed per 15 kg in EPS packaging.
Butternut squash can be supplied peeled, halved, and cubed.
Hokkaido pumpkin can be supplied peeled and halved.
We offer peeled sweet potatoes in 15 kg bulk but can also deliver them in cubes on request.

More information about Pumkin, Sweet Potatoes or Celeriac?

If you have any other wishes or ideas about prepared pumpkin, sweet potatoes or celeriac, we are happy to think along with you.

Are you interested in prepared pumkin, peeled sweet potatoes or celeriac, do you need an offer, or do you have any questions? Please contact Mark van der Salm via +31 (0)174 637 903 or email to